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Victory Electrical Solutions in Springfield, Missouri offers a wide variety of electrical services. If you need a electrician in Southwest Missouri, call Victory.


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Residential Services

At Victory Electrical Services, we offer electrical solutions for your home provided by our expert residential electricians. We ensure safety and reliability for all your Springfield area electrical needs. From installations to repairs, we provide a comprehensive range of residential electrical services, including wiring upgrades, lighting installations, outlet replacements, panel upgrades, electrical inspections, much more.

  • Wiring upgrades to modern standards
  • Expert installation of lighting fixtures
  • Replacement and repair of electrical outlets
  • Upgrades to electrical panels for enhanced capacity
  • Backup generator sales and installation
  • Thorough electrical inspections for safety and compliance

Commercial Services

Elevate your Springfield area business infrastructure with our comprehensive commercial electrical services, offering tailored solutions to ensure functionality and safety for your business. Our expert commercial electrical services include complex wiring installations, lighting design and maintenance, electrical system upgrades, generator installations, and routine inspections to guarantee the uninterrupted operation of your business. We serve businesses all over the Springfield area.

  • Sophisticated wiring installations for commercial spaces
  • Customized lighting design and maintenance
  • Upgrades and maintenance for electrical systems in commercial settings
  • Installation of backup generators for business continuity
  • Routine inspections to ensure safety and compliance in commercial environments

New Construction & Excavation

Elevate your Springfield, MO project Victory Electrical Solutions’ unparalleled electrical construction and excavation services. Our skilled team specializes in delivering top-tier solutions tailored to Springfield’s unique needs. From groundbreaking excavation to cutting-edge electrical installations, we ensure precision and efficiency in every project. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship, our services encompass comprehensive project planning, detailed site assessments, expert excavation, precise electrical construction, and post-project evaluations. Partner with us for a seamless blend of innovation and reliability in Springfield, MO, ensuring your new construction projects thrive.

  • Precision excavation services for Springfield Missouri Construction Projects
  • Expert electrical construction tailored to local standards
  • Comprehensive project planning for efficiency
  • Detailed site assessments to meet specific needs
  • Post-project evaluations to ensure long-term success

Generator Sales & Installation

Ensure uninterrupted power in Springfield, MO, with our top-notch backup electrical generator installations. Our services are designed for reliability, providing tailored solutions to meet specific needs. We conduct thorough power assessments, select generators based on Springfield’s unique requirements, and execute professional installations. Routine maintenance services keep your generator in peak condition, and our emergency repair team ensures swift resolution of issues. Trust us for turnkey generator solutions, optimizing resilience in residential, commercial, and industrial settings across Springfield, MO. Count on our expertise for seamless power backup, safeguarding your property and operations in the face of electrical outages.

  • Expert generator installations in Springfield, MO
  • Tailored solutions for local power requirements
  • Routine maintenance services for optimal functionality
  • Emergency repair team for swift issue resolution
  • Comprehensive power assessments for Springfield’s unique needs

Additional Services

Electrical Construction

Transforming blueprints into brilliance, our electrical construction services seamlessly bring power to your new construction project. Our team of electricians serves a 40 mile radius of Springfield, Missouri.

Electrical Remodeling

Elevate your space with our electrical remodeling expertise, seamlessly merging modern functionality and aesthetic flair to your renewed Missouri home or business.

Generator Installation

Uninterrupted power for your home or business is important. We are Springfield's choice for  backup generator sales and installations, providing you with a reliable energy lifeline that seamlessly kicks in, keeping your home or business illuminated even in the face of unexpected outages.


Illuminate your surroundings with precision and style through our lighting installation services. Our expert electricians can add aesthetic lighting solutions for your Springfield area home or business. We offer both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.

Adding Power

Bring tailored electrical power to existing areas with Victory Electrical Solutions. Need a new outlet where there is none? Want to bring power to that barn or outbuilding? Trust our skilled electricians to do it right the first time.

LED Conversion

Elevate your lighting efficiency and with our LED conversion services, where energy savings meet brilliant illumination to transform your space into a modern and eco-friendly space. Save money on your Missouri electric bill this year!

Panel Replacement/Repair

Need to upgrade your electrical panel to handle more circuits? Are there issues with your old, unsafe panel? Victory Electrical Solutions offers electrical panel replacement and repair services, ensuring a reliable and safe flow of electricity through your space.

Service Calls

Experience prompt and reliable solutions to your electrical needs with our service calls. Victory's skilled technicians swiftly diagnose and address issues, ensuring your home or business remains powered and problem-free.

Excavation for Electrical

Our precision excavation services ensure a seamless installation of electrical infrastructure, combining expertise and efficiency to lay the groundwork for a connected and energized environment. From start to finish, Victory Electrical Services in Springfield has you covered.

Value Engineering

Victory Electrical Solutions is your Springfield choice for value engineering in commercial electrical construction. Let us help you find ways to optimize costs without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Safety Inspections

Safeguard your surroundings with our expert electrical safety inspections. Our skilled professionals conduct thorough assessments to ensure your home or business meets the highest standards of electrical safety, providing you with peace of mind and secure functionality.

New Wiring

Elevate the safety and efficiency of your space with our expert home or business electrical rewiring services. Seamlessly modernize your infrastructure to meet the demands of today's technology while ensuring a secure and reliable electrical foundation.


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